The Vartazarian Law Firm has proven itself to be one of the preeminent jury trial law firms in the country by obtaining record setting results. When we go to trial, we pride ourselves on being the most prepared attorneys in the Courthouse and we consistently get results that are much higher than the Defendant’s highest offer.

99% of our cases come referred to us by other attorneys when they are confronted with a tough case that requires our specialized skills in the Courtroom.  We only take a select number of cases and we have kept the firm purposefully small in order to provide the best service to our clients and referring attorneys.  Some notable results include:

Reed v. County of San Bernardino Children and Family Services (July 2019)
(San Bernardino County – CIVDS1416377)
Government liability for violation of mandatory duty
Jury Verdict: $113.4 million

Garcia v. Tri-Modal (January 2019)
(Los Angeles County – BC 536714)
Wrongful Death
Jury Verdict: $11 million

Cobb v. Los Angeles County (September 2017)
(Los Angeles County – BC 582690)
Forklift negligence
Jury Verdict: $10.9 million

Sanchez v. Avis Budget Group (January 2018)
(Los Angeles County – BC568446)
Bicycle accident
Jury Verdict: $5.2 million

Tran v. TNT USA (August 2018)
(Los Angeles County – BC645566)
Wrongful Death
Economic Damages: $27,000.00
Jury Verdict: $4.5 million

Warner v. Wright Medical Tech (June 2015)
(Los Angeles County – BC475958)
Products liability
Verdict: $4.5 million

Taylor v. Sierra Vista Med. Center (March 2014)
(San Luis Obispo – CV1000552)
Fraud and concealment against hospital
Verdict: $4.01 million

Fry v. Larry Miller Toyota (September 2015)
(Los Angeles County – EC059275)
Negligent repair by Toyota dealership
Verdict: $2.2 million

Casian v. Lisheng  (April 2018)
(Los Angeles County – BC611660)
Pedestrian in crosswalk
Verdict: $780,000.00

Arustamyan v. BHC Alhambra (August 2018)
(Los Angeles County –  BC544315)
Dependent adult neglect
Verdict: $772,416.34

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We promise to give your case the attention it deserves and the skill it requires. Large corporation and insurance companies have virtually unlimited resources at their disposal. In today’s litigation climate, corporations and insurance companies are now refusing to offer fair settlements when the plaintiff’s attorney does not have jury trial experience and results. We have that experience and we promise to fight for you.